Selecting a Catering Service

Malaysia’s Top 3 Catering Companies
June 17, 2022
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Selecting a Catering Service

How to Choose a Catering Service

Do you have plans for a company event that is Malaysian? Find a caterer to hire if you are planning a corporate event in Malaysia. They will provide you with the catering services you need and even help with the planning of the event. These paragraphs will provide the best tips for selecting an event catering service. It’s possible to select the best caterer for your event. Before you do then, be sure you’ve got an estimated budget. It is expensive to plan events of this size, so you should choose your catering service wisely.


Amici Catering Malaysia has been operated by family members in a business for the past three decades. The beginning of the company it was difficult to grow the business due to difficulty in gaining an image and developing manpower. In addition, rental rates were much higher in these times. AMICI managed to overcome these difficulties and eventually became one of the top national businesses. The company has continued to focus on its goal of providing the highest quality catering service to its clients and has achieved solid financial stability.

Life Bites Catering

If you’re planning a wedding, birthday celebration or business gathering, Life Bites Catering can help you make it an event that is successful. There’s a variety of Asian as well as Western delicacies on their extensive menu. You’ll find anything from mini burgers and Scones filled with cream cheese, to baked macaroni, fried and grill chicken. Plus, you can even request a customized menu for your event. Apart from catering services, they offer a team of professional waiters to aid your guests. They are the ideal alternative for every occasion due to they place a lot of emphasis on client service excellence and cleanliness.

Perfect Match

It is crucial to provide tasty food to your guests to make the event successful. While planning an event can be stressful, food that is delicious can make guests feel satisfied. The company’s catering team, led by Chef Leong is a veteran with more than 20 years of experience within the F&B sector. Catering services are available to corporate functions and celebrations. They have various menus to meet your requirements. They can also cater to weddings and other special occasions.

The Plant-based Health Alliance

After just three months of operation, the social enterprise, Plant-Based Health Alliance in Malaysia is now known as a household name. Celebrity Vegan Chef Dave creates curated meals for their two-meal-a day program. Additionally, they offer no-cost testing for blood, and have access to medical advice from their physicians. And to add to the list the mission of Legume is to assist the local community. It will also be celebrating Malaysians.

Elite Catering

If you are looking for an all-inclusive catering service in the Klang Valley, look no further than Elite Catering. The company is comprised of highly skilled chefs and catering professionals, all committed to consistently providing an outstanding service to its customers. Elite Catering can make any occasion successful, no matter if it’s for corporate or private celebrations. These are top-rated services. Visit their website for more details. Elite Catering Malaysia provides full-service catering service in Klang Valley and surrounding areas.

Citarasa Uniq

UNIQ is an established brand in the field of catering. It was established in 1999, providing small-scale functions to Klang Valley residents. Now, UNIQ has expanded its offerings to include full-service catering and catering. UNIQ can provide a broad range of clientele by providing delicious meals, excellent service and elegant setups. UNIQ’s kitchen team, headed by a chef who has extensive experience working in 5-star hotels, can create dishes that are exciting in taste and the texture.


Being the sole proprietor of Teaffani Catering, you can be sure of delicious and exquisite meals at your celebration. Teaffani caters to corporate, wedding, birthday, as well as private catering in all of the Klang Valley. Teaffani caters to all the catering requirements, from the best snacks to the most delicious desserts. Whether you need an elegant meal or just a basic, yet sophisticated afternoon tea, Teaffani can provide your guests with a memorable event.

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